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Latest Movie Reviews

‘Murder Mystery 2’ Review: Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in Netflix Sequel That Leaves No Room for Laughs

The two stars return to solve another case in the streamer's follow-up to 2019's hugely popular comic thriller.

‘Enys Men’ Review: A Woman’s Mind Unravels in Mark Jenkin’s Hypnotic Folk Horror

Following a single living character on an island off Cornwall, the poetic drama toys with time and memory.

‘Americana’ Review: Sydney Sweeney and Halsey in a Contemporary Western That Cleverly Subverts Expectations

Directed by Tony Tost, the recent SXSW selection also stars Paul Walter Hauser and Simon Rex.

‘A Good Person’ Review: Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman Lift Zach Braff’s Labored Trauma Drama

Pugh plays a young woman whose life hits rock bottom after being involved in a fatal car accident in Braff's latest directorial effort.

‘This Closeness’ Review: A Couple and Their Airbnb Host Get Acquainted in an Astute Dramedy of Awkwardness

Kit Zauhar writes, directs and stars in the film, which debuted at SXSW and unfolds over a weekend in a Philadelphia.

‘Parachute’ Review: Brittany Snow’s Directing Debut Tackles Addiction, Eating Disorders and Anxiety With an Impressively Light Touch

This portrait of a relationship between a woman with an eating disorder (Courtney Eaton of 'Yellowjackets') and a boy with co-dependency issues (Thomas Mann) won two awards at SXSW.

‘Air’ Review: Ben Affleck’s Ode to Michael Jordan Is Affectionate and Involving, Even When It Fails to Convince

The 'Argo' actor/director stars alongside Matt Damon and Viola Davis in this feature about the creation of Nike's Air Jordan shoe.

‘Cora Bora’ Review: Megan Stalter Shines in a Millennial Dramedy That’s Not Quite on Her Level

The 'Hacks' star plays an aimless 30something musician who returns to her hometown of Portland when she begins to suspect her long-distance girlfriend has met someone else.

‘Joy Ride’ Review: Ashley Park and Stephanie Hsu in a Raunchy, Rowdy Comedy With Genuine Heart

This directorial debut from 'Crazy Rich Asians' screenwriter Adele Lim follows four friends on their wild, international adventure.

‘You Can Call Me Bill’ Review: Pensive Doc Shows a Different Side of William Shatner

Director Alexandre O. Philippe walks the actor through his career in a documentary that covers everything from 'Star Trek' to 'Boston Legal' to his trip into space.

‘Late Bloomers’ Review: Karen Gillan Stars in a Slight Odd-Couple Friendship Dramedy

The actress plays a depressed musician who bonds with an older Polish woman (Margaret Sophie Stein) in Lisa Steen's directorial debut, which premiered at SXSW.

‘Evil Dead Rise’ Review: A Wonderfully Sick New Installment in the Beloved Horror Franchise

In the latest entry in Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell's series, a mother and her children must fight the demonic forces in their apartment.

‘Black Barbie: A Documentary’ Review: A Fascinating but Unfocused History of a Groundbreaking Doll

In her debut documentary premiering at SXSW, Lagueria Davis examines the origins and implications of Black Barbie dolls.

‘The New Americans: Gaming a Revolution’ Review: A Punchy Primer on the Intersection of the Internet, Finance and Extremism

Director Ondi Timoner ('Last Flight Home') unveiled her latest documentary, an investigation into the toxicity of our current moment, at SXSW.

‘Self Reliance’ Review: Anna Kendrick in Jake Johnson’s Timidly Absurdist Take on Reality TV

The 'New Girl' star's feature directorial debut, executive produced by The Lonely Island, is about a cantankerous man who agrees to go on a dark web reality television show.

‘Boston Strangler’ Review: Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon Are Pitch-Perfect in a Noir-Tinged Look at a Historic Crime

Writer-director Matt Ruskin explores the infamous string of 1960s murders from the perspective of the two reporters who were several steps ahead of law enforcement.